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    [Warning]: The following content is too cute…#BigHero6 Daniel Henney Ryan Potter



  2. Cuteness Warning


    Just when I thought Uni-Kitty was the cutest thing ever…

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    Well of course I want to draw that. Also, I wanted to try out a new style for fun.

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    Disney Heroines 

    By: gariSK

    let’s glorify the heroines rather than just the princesses I like that better

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  5. rrrtaz3 said: You have VERY quickly become my favorite artist on tumblr, and a huge inspiration! Do you think you'll ever draw adult Sokka and Toph hanging out? Their friendship was so cute.



    Thank you!!   Decided to draw some- I honestly don’t really have a good idea of what their relationship would be like as adults!  I think I like them as close friends that don’t see each other as much as they’d like due to other responsibilities, but Sokka’d be as much the fun uncle with Toph’s kids as he was with Katara’s, and they prob did the do once or twice but nothing serious came of it.

    I could see several possibilities with them!  No matter what though, I think Toph would be quite sad when he moved back to the SWT.      



    Heart fuzzies


  6. ashiekyou said: I really love your drawings, especially of Starfire and Robin. Seeing them really brings up some good old feels x3 Ive been watching some of the new series with my brother, and it's kind of cute even though it's not the same. I really liked the episode where Robin wants an arch enemy and Star becomes one for him. If you find the time, could you draw her as Starfire The Terrible with robin? Have a lovely week ;v; <3


    Thank you, hahah! eve/

    That’s one of my favorite episodes! I rewatched it loads already so I’m pretty sure this is how this particular scene went. Yep. 

  7. Quick sketch for today!

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    Once Upon A Time Premiere


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    eren u huge babby stop being angry at everything u r surrounded by cats

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  10. Somewhere down this road, I know someone’s waiting

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