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    How to make comics

    My first vine

    hahaha I wish ! 

    I finally know what I want my super power to be.

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  3. I finally made a society6 account! Products (prints, phone cases, mugs and more) of my art are available with free worldwide shipping! Please help support me by checking it out<3 


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    Ymir and her cold butch stare. #inktober

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    Harry Potter inktobers!

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    'I remember you. Pretty bird.'

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    우리들의 친절한 이웃 데드풀!

    좋은 캐붕이다!

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    Season 2 of Gravity Falls just started and with it a ton of teenage mystery twins headcanons… Bonus pic with Pacifica’s incredulous face when confronted to 17 yo Dipper ! 

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