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    An AU where for your entire life you’ve only seen black and white, until you receive the first touch from your soulmate and color blooms before your very eyes. The colors don’t stay when you’re alone, but when they’re there by your side and you’re touching? Everything is beautiful.

    But what if you touch them and you look around and see all the colors, and beauty.You get caught in the moment and ask  ”Do you see it too?” And they reply “What are you talking about?” 

    That’s okay, I didn’t need my heart. 

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    A Whole New World…

    (( So this week I decided to try something a little different. :) I saw some beautiful “race-bent” Disney a while ago and wanted to try it out, so here’s some of our ladies. :D (There wasn’t really any rhyme or reason to my choices, I just started fiddling with the images and these happened.) :P I’m going to go back to doing genderbent stuff, but I think I’ll do some of these every once in a while if you guys would like to see more. :) ))

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    still trying to figure out how to draw these kids

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    Kainora and Kataang Parallels

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  7. three years later and all that’s changed is your hair.

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  9. Art Meme!!!


    Send a number + a character and I’ll draw them:

    1. In what they normally wear
    2. In what I’m currently wearing
    3. In a school uniform
    4. In swimwear
    5. In underwear
    6. With no clothes on
    7. In winter clothes
    8. In fancy clothes
    9. Making 3 different expressions
    10. Standing on their hands
    11. With their favorite animal
    12. Hanging out with a friend
    13. Sitting on the couch
    14. Doing something they don’t normally do
    15. Eating
    16. Playing a sport
    17. Beaten up
    18. As a kid/adult
    19. Wearing a funny hat
    20. Sleeping

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